BJJ Lesson 23 – Stripe Number Three

BJJ white belt with strips


So it’s the Friday the 1st of September 2017. We were doing our stretches and cool down at the end of a beginners class when our coach announces that he had some stripes to hand out. I said this before when I got my first strip, sometimes it comes as a surprise. I recently got my second stripe so getting my third so soon was surprising.

I’ve been working hard in my classes. I’ve watched YouYube video tutorials and I’ve started keeping a notebook on the subtleties of different moves.

Having 3 stripes allows me to train in the intermediate class so I think it’s time to invest in some new kit. I have one Tatami Nova Gi that I got when I started. I think it’s great but that might be because I have never worn any other. I visited the Fuji, Tatami and Valor websites as well as the BJJ shops that sell all the kit you need like or

In the end, I bought this 

because it was the only site that had the correct size in stock. I also picked up some shorts for No-Gi while I was there.  But the real problem here is knowing what size to buy. I’ll follow up this post when they arrive and how they fit after a few washes.