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Hi there from the Dad Blogger!

I’m Daniel and I’m on a mission to ensure that the man behind the dad stays healthy and happy. I regularly cover men’s grooming, style, travel and how to do it all when you have a young family. I think that Dads need to stay fit and active and perhaps need a break from the melee of having children in the house.

I truly believe that Dads need to play more too and I try to recommend toys, activities and holidays that the children and I have loved. Having time away for holidays, new activities and life experiences are really important to our family life.


The Dad Blogger
Photo by Róisín Molloy

I also cover mental illness. I am affected by Type II Bipolar Disorder and this blog is also about combining my diagnosis, and the associated symptoms, with family life. I am married with three awesome children Róisín (12), Delilah (7) and Jonah (5). My wife has and always will be the closest, most patient and supportive person during hypomanic phases. She also understands the following depression and is caring and empathetic until it passes. I also have this little guy to accompany me on walks or runs in the park. His name is Buddy.

My Tibetan Terrier Buddy
My Tibetan Terrier Buddy

For reviews and collaborations, drop me an email at daniel@thedadblogger.co.uk

Daniel Molloy – The Dad Blogger