Silk’n Lipo Review – Does EMS and LLLT Work?

silkn lipo

I love my food. Although I get more exercise than the average guy, I do overeat and that leads to weight gain. If the quantity of food I consume remains constant then something else needs to change so that I don’t steadily coat my internal organs with a layer of fat.  So I’m always on the lookout for cheats, fitness hacks or alternatives to eat less exercise more.

silkn lipo

Silk’n, the global leader in professional aesthetic devices for home use, approached me about trialling their silk’n lipo device. I, of course, was up for that. Silk’n Lipo is a wearable, user-friendly, electronic device for fat reduction.

It works by combining two technologies,

Low LevelLaser Therapy (LLLT)  and Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

“EMS is based on the application of electrical pulses through electrodes on the skin, ensuring muscle activity in the treated area. Muscle activity contributes to muscle tone, as well as faster blood circulation and lymphatic activity. EMS stimulates the body’s processes for waste disposal, including fatty contents that leak out of the perforated fat cells. The technology is clinically tested and provides good results.”

Here you can read more about EMS technology.

“Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in Silk’n Lipo applies laser in a certain wavelength. When applied to adipocyte cells (fat cells) it ensures the perforation of fat cell membranes, causing the fat cells to “leak”. Over time, and with repeated use, fat cells are affected. This results in fat loss in the treated area and a loss of centimetres. LLLT does not hurt. It is safe and non-invasive, and has no adverse side effects. Additionally, you do not have to be under anaesthesia during a LLLT– treatment, unlike invasive procedures like liposuction. LLLT is an excellent, reliable method to reduce the size of the fat cells.”

Here you can read more about LLLT technology.

My trial was to wear it three times a week for 15 minutes per area treated. I concentrated solely on my abdomen doing 15 minutes (there is a timer built in) on my left, front and right. There is a tingling sensation as the EMS stimulates the muscle. You can increase or decrease the intensity by pushing the +/- buttons on the control panel. Be careful though, high intensity is pretty intense! Once you have a comfortable setting you can pretty much get on with something else and let the silk’n lipo to the work. One annoying thing about wearing it is the buzzing noise it makes every minute or so. I’m not sure what that is indicating but it was starting to get to the rest of the family.

So did it work? Well yes, the circumference of my waist reduced by over 4cm.

silkn lipo

silkn lipo


After Week1 ended 3 April 95cm 80kg
After Week2 ended 10 April 92cm 79.6kg
After Week3 ended 17 April 91cm 79kg
After Week4 ended 24 April 91cm 79kg
After Week5 ended 1 May 91cm 79kg
After Week6 ended 8 May 91cm 79kg
After Week7 ended 15 May 91cm 79kg
After Week8 ended 22 May 91cm 78.8kg
After Week9 ended 29 May 91cm 78.8kg
After Week10 ended 5 May 90.5cm 78.2kg


Keep in mind, Silk’n Lipo is not a substitute for good nutrition and regular exercise and there are other factors, your genes, hormones and metabolism that have an effect on your waistline. Ok, it didn’t give me a six pack but undoubtedly, the underlying muscle has been toned. Don’t be put off by the pink colouring of the box and website. Men can wear it too and achieve good results.

Do Collagen Supplements Work? LQ Liquid Health Joint Care Review

lq joint careJoints can take a lot of strain when exercising. Whether you are a keen runner, cyclist or swimmer, overuse of certain joints can lead to pain and discomfort. But being over 40 and addicted to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), I know firsthand the discomfort of wear and tear on my joints. From submission holds to grip strength, I put my joints through some rigorous movement that can cause injuries and if ignored, will eventually lead to time off to recover.

I thought there was possibly a supplement I could take to help my joints stay supple so Liquid Health Supplements asked me to trial their best selling Joint Care product. This daily LQ Liquid Health Joint Care supplement is designed to keep you supple and free from injury. The liquid shot cintains Collagen, Ginger, Glucosamine & Chrondroitin + 5 Other Active Ingredients which all contribute to overall joint health.

Marine Collagen
A key building block of joint cartilage and connective tissue

Supports the body’s defence
and immune system

A key building block of
joint and connective tissue

An important component
of cartilage


Liquid supplements have faster absorption rates, higher optimisation rates and are more easily digestible, than other methods of taking supplements. This is called bioavailability. LQs high bioavailability means it’s easier to absorb and there is a greater benefit from each dose, compared with other supplement brands.

LQ Liquid Health Joint Care

Sounds like it’ll taste disgusting, right? WRONG! It is a pleasure to knock back the 50ml bottle after breakfast in the morning. Every morning!

Has it worked? Well, yes. I no longer have aching hands from overexerting myself to maintain a grip on my opponent. I used to wake in the morning and was unable to grip my coffee mug after a tough session the night before. I haven’t been injured since I started knocking them back in morning and that includes two joint cracking events. One in competition and the other where my friend fell on my wrist rather awkwardly. Neither had me missing training to recover. I’ve been taking the supplement for three months and now I fear that if I were to stop taking them, I’d be back to aches and pains as well as suffering potential long-term damage. I’m not getting any younger so I’m definitely continuing to take them.

Available now at £24.99 from Boots stores and

LQ Liquid Health Joint Care