2018 is already looking seriously exciting when it comes to new gadget launches. With loads of cool tech developments lined up for the year ahead, it’s tough to stay ahead of the game.

Worry not! I have spoken to an expert in the field, who shared his thoughts on the coolest, quirkiest and most fun technological trends all tweens and teens need to know about.

Meet tech obsessed Jenk Oz, the 12-year-old CEO and ‘Curator of Cool’ from iCoolKid, the largest UK website for 8-15-year olds. Below Jenk shares some of his top tech picks for 2018:




Price: £59.99

Available from: NINTENDO LABO

Link to buyAmazon or Argos

Suitable for: The whole family


“If DIY is not your thing don’t skip to the next gadget just yet, as I promise this will get you excited! Nintendo Labo is a new way to play. The kit comes with a variety of DIY transformable cardboard shapes and lets you customise them in a way that fits your personal style. You can then bring them to life with your Nintendo Switch and change them into a variety of items as you play! This gadget is really cool and will bring you hours of fun!”




Air selfie drone

Price: tbc

Available from: Air Selfie Camera

Link to buy:

Suitable for: teenagers

The era of taking selfies is far from over, but it looks like 2018 is going to be the year when the selfie stick becomes old news! This new Air Selfie Camera cover attaches to your phone and allows you to take pictures from above, making group selfies and panorama photos super easy. I am already a fan and think this will change the way in which we snap!”



MekaMON Fighting Robots


Price: £300

Available from: Mekamon

Link to buy:

Suitable for: teenagers

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to organise your own robot wars in the living room? Well, now you don’t have to wonder! The MekaMON fighting robots are easily operated from your iPhone/ iPad and will allow you to battle any AR monsters! The technology behind these is incredible so it’s definitely worth adding this crab-like droid to your gadget collection!”




mergevr blaster

Price: tbc

Available from: Merge Vr

Link to buy:

Suitable for: teenagers

Merge blaster is one of the most exciting gadgets set to launch in 2018! This fun AR gun uses your phone to enable you to play virtual reality style games, without having to wear a handset. I don’t have many details on this product just yet, but I can’t wait to play this with the team in the iCoolKid office!”





Price: approx. £62

Available from: ROKBLOK

Link to buy:

Suitable for: teenagers

RokBlok is the world’s smallest wireless record player making it easy to listen to your below retro records on the move! Rok Blok has a built-in speaker and the ability to connect to a Bluetooth device so you can literally enjoy your record collection anywhere!”





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#StandUp Challenge: Let’s Stand Up for an Effective Fatherhood

Oprah I Stand up for kindness

Once I saw Oprah’s post on Instagram. Inspired by Andra Day and Common’s song “Stand up for something”, she posted “I stand up for kindness”. I thought:

“Why don’t we, men, dads, uncles, brothers, etc. stand up for an effective fatherhood?”

Moreover, you don’t have to be a father to exercise fathering. Later, I’ll explain why. Also, I will provide some actionable tips on how to be an effective father.

Every single day we see people standing up for something that matters to them. It’s the greatest asset of democracy, to my mind. Thus, standing for an effective fatherhood is worth attention as well.

Mass media reminds us that sometimes we fail our wives, daughters, sisters or people we are responsible for. I don’t want to blame the mankind but sometimes we need to do things better.

Why being a father does not always mean being a biological one?

To answer this question, I’d like to refer to Jennifer Anniston’s quote when she was asked why she didn’t have kids: “You may not have a child come out of your vagina, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t mothering—dogs, friends, friends’ children”. In other words, mothering as well as fathering is more determined by the attitude and your ability to take responsibility for somebody else’s life rather than a biological participation in a human procreation. Therefore, you can be a father to your students, your female coworkers, even to your elderly parents by taking care, inspiring, uplifting, motivating, giving direction, being there, supporting.

I am a dad of 3 lovely kids, twins and a teenager. We adopted our teen daughter when she was 5. My wife and I thought we were ready to share our love with another human being. At that time, I decided I would be the best dad ever. Since then I missed out lots of school events of hers but she still thinks I am the best dad ever. It looks like an effective fatherhood is much more than that. The only way to be better is to try better. So, here’s what I do to be a good father.

1. We play “good-bad things” at the dinner table.
Every day I ask my kids what was bad and good this day in their life. I ask what they are thankful for and what they’d like to improve. I delve into details. They feel that every effort they make, every strive matter to me.
2. I recommend reading books and then we discuss it together. Margaret Thatcher’s father did the same. They used to take books at the local library and discuss them afterward. This is how her dad cultivated an independent and critical thinking.
3. I respect their right for privacy but I set rules.
I am quite aware of what’s going on online: online predators, cyberbullying, sexting. So, we agreed on my using parental control app to check on them from time to time. (There are lots of them on the market: Kidgy, ESET, Norton, etc.)
4. I suggest inviting their friends to our house.
This is so powerful. My teen daughter feels I accept and respect her way of choosing the social environment. To me, that’s the way to be her “body” to be able to give advice on relationships.
5. We plan their future education, personal development, growth. We discuss books to buy, courses to attend, tuition, etc. We encourage our kids to do more than the current educational system suggests.
6. We turn to a family therapist when we feel it’s time to tackle a sore subject.
For example, we asked a practitioner how to talk about the child sexting and got some useful tips.
7. I have some helpful resources to address.
I keep in mind Crisis Call Center and LifeTime Crisis Chat. I hope they will never come in handy but it’s better to be equipped.
8. We agreed on discussing everything with no stigma or judgments.
Thus, they feel a complete acceptance and unconditional love. Even if I find something inadmissible, the best way to convey it is from the position of a friend, not a judge.

The best way to stand up for an effective fatherhood is to live up to its values. Dr. Steve Maraboli once said “Today’s man should do more than just talk; he should act. He should do more than just promise; he should deliver.” However, men also should stick together to spread and fuel the idea of an effective fatherhood.



Guest Post by Jerome Simas. Jerome is an e-safety expert and a freelance writer. He is also the father of 3, twins and teen daughter. He has a excellent blog at